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Terms and Conditions

1. Late Payments/Fees: Please pay your bill by the due date. There will be a $25.00 late fee if payment is not received in full by the due date. There will also be a 25.00 Returned Check Fee if any check is returned to me for insufficient funds. If any balance should go 60 days past due, there is an additional $25.00 late fee, and the account may be handed over to a collections agency for collection. If arrangements need to be made or discussed, please email us as soon as possible.

  • Any Pool Service done on any property, My Ds Pools charges on the 1st day of service. Please call if any arrangements need to be made.

  • Any extra work is billed as soon as it is finished

  • If any repairs, installations or treatments needed, My Ds Pools will need a 50% down payment and after the done, the remaining amount will be due

Please remember that if your pool is not chemically balanced out, and it’s green, cloudy, or has any other problems, there will be an extra service / chemical fee applied for the needed extra chemicals and filter cleans that are necessary

2. Rain Policy: If there is heavy rain, which does not happen very often in San Diego, customers may only have minimal service or be passed over. There will be no email or phone call to inform you of the changes that apply to rainy days.

3. Liability: It is the ultimate responsibility of the customer to maintain the water level on their pool/spa. Our liability insurance does not cover flooding if the water should accidentally be left on. Furthermore, if a lot of water is needed, we will not be at the customer site long enough (pools) to wait for it to fill. If a situation should arise that the pool/spa is required to be filled, a fee will be charged based on the additional amount of time that was needed, to bring the water level up to a satisfactory level.

4. Spa Services: If a customer wishes to drain and clean their spa themselves, please be sure to clean the filter as well. If the filter has to be cleaned by us after a customer drains the spa, then there will be a $20.00 fee. Please be sure to coordinate this with us, as start-up chemicals MUST be added within a day or two of the new water being added to the spa.

If a customer is notified that the water in their spa is exhausted and needs to be changed, and the water is not changed within 2 weeks of the notification, all the costs of the additional chemicals that are added after the 2nd week will be passed on to the customer and added to the monthly invoice.

5. Mobile Pool Store: If you should need ANYTHING for your pool and /or spa, please contact us. This can range from equipment, to spa covers, special spa or pool chemicals, rafts, pool toys, etc. ANYTHING that is related to the pool
and / or spa, call or email us. Most of the times we can get the item for less than what you would pay retail price for.

6. Please be sure to keep all entryways and gates clear. This will make it easy to access your pool or spa and minimizing the potential for accidents. On daily occasion, a lot of heavy equipment/chemicals are carried into the backyards, and an approximate 3-foot wide cleared entry way is required for entry. Also note, if there is a week that you’re pool or spa cannot be serviced, please notify

7. Entrance Obstruction: In occasions where a gate is locked, and we are unable to enter the home to provide our service and no notification is given, there will be a trip fee of $25.00.

8. Recovery: If there is going to be a disaster recovery of a pool, please keep in mind that there is an additional charge if the time it takes to clean up the pool takes longer than normal. Please notify us if this situation arises, so that we can plan our work schedule accordingly.

9. Pool Vacuums: We DO NOT put the vacuum back into pool for pool vacuums that are taken out of the pool by the customer. It is up to the customer to return the vacuum to the pool. If there is a problem, or the vacuum is not working, please notify us immediately so the issue can be addressed and corrected.

10. Toys/Safety: Please be sure to take all toys out of pool. Not only can they can get stuck in the pool vacuums which interferes with the vacuum’s job of cleaning the pool, but can also break the vacuum or get stuck in the pipelines, causing expensive repairs. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that they will be taken out of our net if netted out of the pool. Please take rafts/ floaters/ blow up toys out the pool as they could very easily be popped or damaged when the pool is being cleaned. We cannot take responsibility for any damaged floats/ rafts/ etc. that are left in the pool when it is being serviced.

11. Filter: A filter clean letter will be sent out as needed to give you the option to clean your filter yourself, otherwise you have the option to have us do the cleaning. Please make sure to sign and mail back the copy so we can assure that your filter is being taken care of. If this is not the case, extra fees may be applied if your pool needs any extra chemicals.

12. Vacation / Holidays:

Holiday and vacation schedule (subject to changes- advance notification will be given of any changes), and some additional information will be reviewed. Please be aware that My Ds Pools billing schedule is on a 48 week per year/4 weeks per month cycle. Whenever there is a ‘5th’ week of service, instead of charging the customer extra for that 5th week, it is used in exchange for Holidays and Vacations, which calculates out to four (4) weeks for vacation and holidays per year (if this is confusing in the slightest bit, please call me to discuss). If service needs to be done during these holidays or vacation weeks, depending on the situation, there may be an additional service call fee.


As a valued customer, we appreciate you’re business, if you have any questions or want to learn more about these upcoming changes, please either call or email us anytime at 

Check out My Ds Pools | Mobile Pool Store and Services on Yelp