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Prowler 820 is the computer-controlled, programmed cleaner that scrubs and vacuums pool's bottom, walls and steps and provides supplemental filtration of pool water. Totally independent of pool circulation system, Prowler provides on-demand cleaning without running pumps. It requires no installation, no booster pump, no hoses. Just plug it in and place it in the pool... it's a totally self-contained cleaning and filtration system.
Learn more about the Prowler 820 cleaner and if this model is the best fit for your pool with the Selection Tool.
  • Auto-reverse feature helps prevent hang-ups in corners and near steps for uninterrupted performance 
  • Intergrated filter reduces run time of your primary filteration system, saving on pump energy costs and minimizing wear and tear 
  • Includes convenient caddy for easy handling and storage 
  • Vacuums all types of debris and helps remove algae
  • Plug-in convenience requires no installation, booster pump or hoses
  • Full cartridge indicator lets you know when cleaner needs attending

ETL-US CertifiedT


Check out My Ds Pools | Mobile Pool Store and Services on Yelp