Aqua Pearl | D.E Alternative


Aqua Perl is a high-grade filter media for swimming pool filters. Aqua Perl is volcanic in origin and is completely silica free. As a diatomaceous earth alternative, Aqua Perl is safe for use in all diatomaceous earth filters and is an excellent alternative to diatomaceous earth or cellulose (paper pulp) filter media which can shorten filter cycles by attracting oil by-products.
Aqua Perl is a direct diatomaceous earth replacement and is used in the same manner as diatomaceous earth. However, Aqua Perl is easier to handle as it is half the weight of diatomaceous earth. Aqua Perl is an excellent diatomaceous earth alternative because it provides superior filtration as it has a lower density and a greater capacity for holding solids and oils.
Technical Specifications:
  • Aqua Pearl is a diatomaceous earth alternative. 
  • Volcanic in origin, Aqua Pearl is 100% crystalline silica free 
  • Won’t attract oil by-products, allowing longer filter cycles
  • 12 lbs is equivalent to 25 lbs of D.E. (Example: 1/2 lb. of Aqua Pearl = 1 lb. of D.E.)